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Squirrel Control And ExterminatorsSquirrels may seem like furry, innocent animals but in truth, they can wreak a lot of havoc both in and out of your home. Behind the innocent façade lies an evil critter that builds homes in your attic, eats bird food and even carries parasites, such as fleas and ticks that can spread to your pets. The most common species of squirrels that find their way to people’s homes are the flying squirrels, fox squirrels, red squirrels and gray squirrels. Not only do these pests eat bird food, but they can even eat the feeders themselves.

They often make a lot of noise as they scurry about looking for food, and will chew on almost anything that they can get their teeth into.

There are many squirrel-control methods that you can use to keep these critters away from your home. Each pest control method is used for a specific purpose.

The following are some of the methods you can use:

If your aim is to keep these critters away from bird food and feeders, you can use custom-made feeders that are squirrel-proof. These feeders automatically block the critters from feeding on the bird food by sending them flying or by imparting a mild electric shock.Since squirrels are heavier than birds, these protective features are usually activated by weight.

You can also make use of traps as pest control. You can lure them into cages using food, such as nuts or grains. Once you’ve made sure that the critter is inside, close the door and move them to a different location.

Sanitation is one of the most effective ways to keep squirrels at bay. Diligently cleaning feeders and sweeping out the hulls and kernels of corn that may have fallenwill ensure that those critters have nothing to come back for.

If the squirrels realize that there is no food in your home, then there will no longer be a reason for them to return.

Squirrels often make homes for themselves in attics because they love the ambiance up there. They will often chew on wires and make noise as they scurry about. In order to prevent them from getting into your attic, make sure that you block every entrance and hole that you can find. However, if these critters already inhabit the attic, it is better to wait first so you can discover all the holes that they are using to enter and exit your house. Once you have discovered them, block all except one. Leave a trap on the last hole and wait patiently for the critter to make an entrance. Once the squirrel realizes that all holes have been barred, it will head for the last open one and walk straight into your trap.

In order to get rid of squirrels, you can use squirrel repellents. Mix these repellents with nuts and corn and wait for them to come sniffing by. The aim of this method is to repel the critter but not kill it. Most repellents make use of cayenne peppers and chili in order to drive the critters away, while some use predator urine to do the job.

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