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Termites ExterminatorsTermites – the one great enemy of many homeowners. These pests can destroy your house completely. Sometimes the termite infestation can be undetected until it’s already too late. Checkto see if there is wood debris near surfaces around your house. Also, if you have sagging doors or holes in your wood, you might be suffering from a termite attack. If you’re really convinced your house is in danger, then you should prepare yourself for termite extermination.

First, let us explain what termites are. They are white, translucent insects as small as half of your fingernail. You can differentiate them easily from ants because of their color. There are different kinds of termites, such as the flying termites, dry wood termites and subterranean termites. It’s important to identify what sort of termite is plaguing your home in order to make your termite extermination successful.

Flying termites, or swarmers, are the ones we usually think of when we see the word termite. These creatures look like ants except they’re white. If you see swarmers near your house, this is usually a sign that they’re living in your home. Another sign is seeing termite wings on the ground. When termites are mating, they shed their wings. If you want to keep these insects from coming into your house, turn off your lights, as they are easily attracted to the light. You can also use liquid insecticide to kill off these termites once you see them.

Dry wood termites, meanwhile, are insects that can live on anything made of wood. As the name suggests, these termites can live without much moisture in their environment. These termites are less damaging than the other kinds of termites, but the method for exterminating them is different. The only way of killing dry wood termites is through fumigation.

The most common type of termite is the subterranean termite. They form colonies underground and feed on the wood of your house. If you see mud tubes near your house, then you have subterranean termites living underneath your home. A good way of exterminating these kinds of termites is through the bait system. The bait system involves leaving pieces of wood laced with pesticide, allowing the workers to bring the pesticide to the colony, and thereby killing the entire termite colony.

If you want to prepare yourself for a termite attack, you should keep in mind several preventive methods. These are natural and safe, and do not require any chemicals.

First, get rid of wood or wood debris you have around the house because these are a source of food for termites. Clean off moist places regularly. Use termite-resistant wood such as redwood or cedar for your building materials. Look around your house for any sort of cracks, and if you find any, cover them with sand barriers.

Remember, you cannot exterminate a large infestation of termites by yourself! Hire a professional if you feel that you’re incapable of destroying all of the termites. A professional will be able to identify what species of termite is plaguing you and what is the right extermination method for those termites. Then you’ll be back to living in a termite-free home.

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